Denture Repair Process

When we get dentures we want to spend as much time as possible caring for them and understanding how they work.  If you damage your dentures, the denture repair nacogdoches process can be painful and expensive.

Removal of dentures

When you get dentures, they are typically screwed into your jaw by a metal plate.  This plate will act as the reception area for your teeth.  If your dentures become damaged the process of removing several of your teeth just to get to the damaged tooth can be long, painful and expensive.  This is why you don’t want to damage them.

Construction of new teeth

Once a denture or tooth is removed it may not be able to be reinserted.  This can require that more than one tooth be created to replace a single damaged one.  If this is the case additional issues may arise which can mean that your teeth don’t match up perfectly from before, may need to be adjusted and many other problems.  The construction process for one tooth may also not be financially sound.  In these cases, you may have to get a full new set of teeth.

Adjustment period

When it comes to any type of surgery or upkeep on a product there will be an adjustment period that you need to go through.  In this period you may damage more teeth or feel that you need to make additional modification.  If this is the case, then additional time and pain will occur.

Out of pocket expense

denture repair nacogdoches

If you damage one tooth or several teeth, it may come down to a large out of pocket expense.  In many cases insurance companies won’t want to pay for one or two teeth.  They will look at it as a cosmetic nonessential expenditure.  If this happens, then you may be coming out of pocket for your new tooth.

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