Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and for many people this means lots of decorations, extra people in the home, and more electricity being used to celebrate those special moments the way they should be. But, this also poses more risks for families, especially those concerning the electricity. The holidays are not the time you want to call 9-1-1 due to an injury or fire. Use the tips below to ensure electrical safety during the holidays.

·    Inspect any lights or decorations before using them. If the cords are damaged, wires are frayed, etc. toss them out to reduce risks.

·    You should schedule an electrical inspection landrum sc before the holidays, although it’s a service recommended twice per year.

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·    Do not overload circuits. Instead of loading too many plugs into one outlet, purchase a power strip instead.

·    Do not allow lights to remain plugged in once you go to bed or when you leave the house.

·    Make sure all electrical wires/cords that you use are labeled with the UL tag which means they’re safe to use.

·    Be extra cautious when preparing food in the kitchen. Keep kids away from the stove, or better yet, out of the kitchen altogether, to prevent injuries, burns, and fire risks.

·    Consider using professional installation services when installing outdoor lights and decorations for the holidays, especially those that go on the roof or at the top of the house.

The holidays are a special time when families come together and enjoy each other and the special memories they share. It shouldn’t be a time of worry, wonder, and fire damage. Take extra precaution to protect the family and home this holiday season. Use the tips above to reduce fire risks in your home and enjoy the holidays as you should.

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