How To Become An Excellent Designer

Design is a great way to express your creativity.  When we are creative, we can design entire worlds and universes from the deepest regions of our imaginations.  In commercial work however, using cad drawings as blueprints for the final project is an industry standard and one any good designer will need to learn to do.

With cad or Computer Aided Design you are taking concepts such as floor plans, machine parts and even 3D Models and turning them into a blueprint for someone to use and hopefully construct.  There are many different cad programs out there and depending on your need, level of sophistication and budget you can find anything that fits your needs.

The standard program is Autocad.  Autocad is the industry standard that will allow you to design your drawings.  With the designs you make and a plotter you can easily send your designs to be printed on paper.  These blueprints can then be used to aid in construction.

Learning the tool is essential.  If you understand the basics of drawing lines, measuring distances, how to create a radius and more you can create drawings using cad software.  If you don’t understand these basic concepts, then taking a drafting course may be your first step in understanding the process.

cad drawings

With cad your options for design are almost limitless.  Going into the construction or fabrication world can be a lucrative income for those looking to design.  With the advancements in technology the field is wide open for amazing construction and fabrication opportunities. 

Nasa is using cad and new 3D printers to come up with ways to design structures in space and on the moon.  Using natural lunar materials and the designs made with cad future homes on distant planets may be a possibility.  Will you be one of these who learn the technology and create the first Martian home?

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