Radical Transformation Of Dry Cleaner’s Business

Ask any ne’er say die entrepreneur who has tried out this business before and he will tell you that, even when the going was good, it was pretty tough out there. Apart from the fact that commercial or industrial dry cleaning, as well as street level retail alternatives are part and parcel of a highly competitive environment, business owners have always been found wanting or shooting themselves in the foot with daily to weekly logistical and practical issues.

And challenges that had a tendency to pile up caught up with the business owner’s need to keep operating schedules. That’s the nature of the dry cleaning biz. The customer drops his dry cleaning off in the morning. And expects to be able to fetch it in the evening on his way home from work. If not that expectation, the dry cleaning desk clerk has given that undertaking or made the promise. And typical to human nature, promises in general have never been easy to keep.

dry cleaners computer

On most days, people are able to get away with it with only their pride being hurt. If it comes to that, their reputation may have been tarnished but it’s not nearly as damaging. Not nearly as damaging as it has been for the under pressure dry cleaning business owner. He wishes he could only have molehills to negotiate. Not even that is necessary once he’s had the software installed and turned on on his new custom prepared dry cleaners computer.

This is a computer that keeps a clean check on how the challenging environment of the dry cleaning biz can be countered with aplomb. And by the way; welcome to the internet of things, or IOT as it is also known. Welcome to the 4IR as well.

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